Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fun with Words

Along with my Creative Natives project, I am also working on a Kids Portrait Portfolio, only it has a twist! My teacher gave us a list of words, very random words, and told us while we have complete creative control, we must somehow incorporate these words into the pictures. The list goes like this; box, ball, texture, flowers, metal, desk, rust, black and white, and silverware! So, I have decided to not only incorporate the word into the photo, but the handmade frame I will also be constructing! ie. for the word silverware, I plan on having a picture of a child fully enjoying a piece of cake (all over his/her face) and making the frame out of silverware! Heres what I have shot so far... I will let you decide which goes with which word for now until I make a final decision. I still have more photo shoots so this is very preliminary! Thoughts and suggestions are always welcome!

And because Emily is silly and LOVES the camera... I feel the need to include these.... :)

As you can see, this is SUCH a fun project and so far my models and families have really gotten into it! More to come soon!!!

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