Monday, February 14, 2011

Creative Natives

When I moved back to New Haven in 2006, after traveling across the country, I thought there was no way I would stay here long after I graduated photography school. After all, I had gotten out! I lived in Virginia, California, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi, and driven across the country 3 times, what could little 'ol New Haven have to offer me? Well.... as it would turn out, TONS. I went to high school in Hamden, the next town over, and explored so far as the coffee shops and urban outfitters of New Haven, but never had I really gotten to know the heart of it. Until now. This city thrives on art, and its the creative and amazing people that keep the heart of this city beating. Rather than making this blog any personal exploration... or explOITation, Id rather showcase the Amazing people I meet on a day to day basis who love their craft, and this city! There is an amazing amount of love here, under the cold snow, sometimes you have to put your self in the middle of it to find it, sometimes you just have to find your own love to realize how many people share it.

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