Friday, April 8, 2011

Creative Natives **Silas Finch**

Doing a Blog Spot on this next artist is a challenge because I am not sure words can describe how overwhelmed with awe I was when I walked into his studio. Silas Finch's medium is "found objects" (ie totally mixed media). Using these objects, that he finds at flea markets in the tri-state area(probably even further than that too), on the ground, junk yards etc and constructs, (sculpts even) anything and everything from lamp fixtures on skateboards, pieces that  recap Kennedy's assassination and other political events on skateboards, a sculpture made entirely of sheet metal that he spent hours hammering out to get the perfect shape,  to a trombone/gun... as an instrument to kill oneself,  Everything, except the gun of course is fully functional! Airplanes fly, and lights turn on. He not only has the artistic ability to conjure up the ideas to put these amazing and fascinating things together but he has the mechanical knowledge to make them work! While I was there he was working on a few different pieces, which he says is totally normal, he has a few projects going on at a time so he can move from one to the next to ensure that pieces fit together and work organically. Another interesting fact, everything is 100% handmade, put together with nuts and screws, no glue or welding, which once you see his pieces you will grasp  how amazing that is!  After spending over an hour taking shots of all the things that fill his studio I knew this would be an amazing challenge, that being said Im going to let the photographs speak for themselves. There are so many pictures of all his work, tools and nick knacks, I had to make a Web Gallery!

If you would like more information check out Silas' Website


  1. Silas' work is overwhelmingly spectacular. It should not go unseen.

  2. Silas is a genius! He has one of the most creative minds I have ever seen, and the work is breathtaking. Thanks for posting this article with such wonderful photography!

  3. congratulations silas, you deserve it all dude. your artwork is inspiring, this article is great, great photos!