Saturday, February 19, 2011

.;*Creative Natives!*;. Elm City Handmade!

The Next artist  (or artistS) I am SO excited to spotlight are the Amazing and beautiful People at Elm City Handmade. Lisa Spetrini and Eric Iannucci have created a space for Anyone to come and create and use their imaginations! I feel as artists it is our job to guide Junior artists and let them know its ok to use your imagination and go crazy with your ideas, let them take control and run with them! That was exactly the feeling I got after spending an afternoon with them last saturday for their Dollwars! Where they invited anyone to come down and make a doll, and have it hung on the walls to be viewed in a gallery setting, which is Always an awesome feeling! With a little guidance from Eric and Lisa and a lot of imagination, these artists came up with some truly amazing dolls!

Lisa and Eric call on everyone, artist or not to come get involved locally, make something with your hands, and get to know your creative community! They are also keeping the arts alive with Project Storefront, which provides space to "creative entrepreneurs" to showcase artists in their store fronts. They are truly trying to unite the Creative people in New Haven, and I think any artist could have something to gain AND something to offer by stopping by 71 Orange Street and popping your head in to see what fun event is no doubt going on in the store. OR even for a unique shopping experience, consignment gifts and handmade crafts, jewelry and clothes are always fun to pick up!

Follow Elm City Handmade and find out about events! 
Lisa and Eric were so kind and welcoming and Im so excited to be a part of their community! 
Thanks guys! 

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